Saturday, August 25, 2012

First meeting

Today, Hello World had their first meeting of the season!  As the challenge hasn't actually been released yet, though, Linda Hamilton hosted a "Take-Apart Day" for people to bring in old broken items to take apart.  John brought an old desktop computer with broken RAM.  Philip brought a keyboard and wireless mouse.  The computer was disassembled and its parts were laid out on a table for a picture.
Computer components on table.  Case, cover, and front plate are on the floor due to lack of room on the table.

Close up on the table.  Note Philip's disassembled keyboard.
The keyboard and mouse were also taken apart in short order and it was found that the scroll wheel made a fun spinning top.  Unfortunately, we were having so much fun playing with the scroll wheel, we forgot to take a picture.  An effort was then undertaken to reassemble the computer.  Unfortunately, neither of us knows what goes where, so our effort looked like this.
The motherboard and all the cards (left) are in place, and so are the CD drive (right, top), floppy drive (right, middle), and hard drive (right, bottom) but the mess of cables (center) are hopelessly confusing.
As a result of our carelessness and hurry, we had quite a few screws left over.

After a break for lunch, we started programming.  Linda Hamilton brought her Senior Solutions mat, so we used that.
After briefly focusing on a weird programming glitch on one of our robots, Philip decided that John's robot needed rebuilding.
Meanwhile, John used Philip's (nearly) identical copy of Geoffery to try a line follower program.
After some testing, we found a flaw in the placement of the color sensor that caused the line follower to be inaccurate.

Then, we ran out of time.  So we went home.

A complete album of all the pictures we took will be up tomorrow (UPDATE: here it is), as will Linda Hamilton's Team Time page for this week (UPDATE: here).

Goodbye, World!

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